GREEN VISION ZAMBIA is a Non-Governmental Organization registered on 26 of September 2019 under the Non-Governmental Organization act of 2009(Act No.16 of 2009) of the Laws of Zambia. The organization has emerged out of the need to comprehensively and sustainably address the rising prevalence of environmental problems. It focuses on environmental learning, research and community based education that will help to attain some sustainable development goals such as; SDG 6 (Clean water and sanitation), SDG 13(Climate action), SDG 14 (Life below water) , SDG 15 (Life on land) as well as future local and global environmental related goals.

Learning in the Local Environment

Learning in the local environment will focus on exploring the issues of the local environment so that local people acquire necessary skills on how they may address environmental issues

Learning about the Local Environment

Learning about the local environment will focus on gathering and sharing information about the environmental problems which would help the local people develop knowledge with understanding that provide a foundation for thinking critically and making reasoned judgements on environmental issues

Learning for the Local Environment

Learning for the local environment will focus on taking action for the environment so that local people develop values and positive attitudes in solving a local issue/problem. Environmental learning helps to enhance local peoples’ knowledge, thinking skills about the environment and the society so that they may participate, take appropriate action as both local and global citizens in matters of their environment.

Building next generation leaders to conserve the environment. We pursue our mission through: 


In every activity that we conduct, we make sure we uphold to the following objectives: